Our journey of parenting

Our journey of parenting

I was almost 35 and my husband almost 40 when we decided to have a baby. We have postponed this decision for a few years while we enjoyed the life by ourselves. Then we decided to seriously think about having a baby before it is too late, which was already a little late… Getting pregnant shouldn’t be difficult at all, we thought initially.

After tried about a year without any success, we got increasingly nervous and frustrated. We started looking into all possible sources for information and tips: friends, other parents, books, and internet articles. As a habit from years of academic training (both of us are engineering PhDs), we try to verify the information using scientific literature and research papers as much as possible.

We adjusted our diet and lifestyle to get us ready physically and mentally. One sunny morning a few months later, the little blue “+” sign magically appeared in the test strip. I was so thrilled and immediately call my husband who was traveling at that time (it was 2 am in Asia!).

Time flies… Our son Vincent is running around and talks all the time. Parenting has been the greatest and most rewarding experience in my life: feeling him growing in my tummy, holding the infant, hearing him cooing, witness his first smile, first step… Our knowledge and experience keep growing as Vincent progress into the next new stage.

My husband and I are blessed having a beautiful and healthy kid. It has not been an easy journey for us, so we decided to share what we learned in this blog.

The blog will record our experiences in the chronological order, starting from how to get pregnant, the labor experience, to how to taking care of an infant and now a toddler; and will keep updating as Vincent growth.

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