Pack mom’s hospital bag – preparing for labor

Pack mom’s hospital bag – preparing for labor

What should we prepare for delivery in a hospital/ birthing center? Almost every first-time mom is nervous about everything about labor as it’s an unknown and uncontrollable event. It’s important to have things prepared, before heading to the hospital for labor. One of the most important preparations is to pack the things you will need in the hospital, from baby’s first outfit, snacks for dad to homecoming outfit. Print and save this list of items you will need at the hospital and add a few of your own!

1. Electric heat therapy pads. High intensive lower back pain in labor could be greatly reduced by heat therapy. If your room has a microwave, you may also bring microwavable heat therapy bag. I use this little cute therapy owl plush at home. Since the hospital I chose did not provide microwave in room, I had to bring an electric heating pad.

2. Drinks

Electrolyte drinks: During labor solid foods, semi liquid and protein drinks are not allowed. Electrolyte drinks can help to hydrate and compensate electrolytes loss.

Electrolyte drink

Nutrition shake or protein drink: may help when you feel hungry or thirsty at hospital. Days in hospital will be busy and things might out of control such as food.

Nutrition shake

3. Hospital gown

Your hospital may provide hospital gown, but you may want to bring your own. I bought my own gownie and matching pillow case from Amazon, and I am planning to save it for my second labor. Following are some cute options,

Hospital gownie

4. Nursing bras

If you are planning to breastfeed, a nursing bra needs to be checked on your list. Baby needs to be fed frequently already in the hospital. Browse a large variety of nursing bras here.

Nursing bras

5. Disposable panties/pads

Most hospital/birthing center provides sanitary pads, but I found disposable panties are more comfortable for leak protection in the first few days after giving birth. I brought my own Depend Silhouette underwear.  I purchased 2 boxes but finished only 1 box.

6. Personal care items, such as tooth brush, body cleanser, hair shampoo, comb, make-ups, moisturizer, etc. Pack anything that you think of. You never know when you might need something!

7. Comfortable clothes for homecoming. Be sure to bring your pregnancy clothes, as you will still be on your pregnancy outfits in the next few months. Some of my friends prepared matching clothes for the baby

8. In hospital entertainment devices, such as speakers, earbuds.


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