Moisturizer – baby skincare starts from newborn

Moisturizer – baby skincare starts from newborn

Baby moisturizer is a must for baby skincare routine. Moisturizing may improve baby’s skin barrier function, therefore effectively reduce the common rashes of infants, such as diaper rash, infant eczema, and heat rash. Babies’ skin is thin and easier to get irritated, yet very resilient. Moms may find it is difficult to choose a proper moisturizer for babies.  Once a good moisturizer is applied, your baby’s skin disorder may recover faster than your expectation.

Moisturizing neonatal (newborn) skin

Moisturizer was thought to be unnecessary for newborns for a long time. However, recent studies(1, 2, 3) on application of moisturizers to neonates proved that moisturizers to prevent developments of eczema. Newborn skin hydration will be significantly decreased in normal room environment after transition from intrauterine to extrauterine life. Although the best methods and agents for moisturizing newborn skin are still not established, the above studies have suggested that applying a moisturizer is necessary for maintaining skin barrier function and overall health. 

As newborn tends to have extremely dry and sensitive skin, the ideal moisturizer should be relatively thick, pH neutral to slightly acidic, fragrance-free (no masking fragrances), dye free, relatively preservative free, and very gentle. Avoid any with high pH, fragrance, or dyes. A thick and simple (fewer ingredients) moisturizer is recommended for newborn skin, e.g. Aquaphor Baby ointment and Aveeno baby cream.

My favorite moisturizer is Aveeno natural baby soothing relief moisturizing cream for sensitive skin.

My second favorite is Aquaphor baby ointment.

My third favorite is CeraVe Baby Moisturizing Cream.


Moisturizing older baby’s skin

Although baby skin is fragile and sensitive, which can easily develop skin conditions. Fortunately, most baby skin conditions are short-lived and clear up on their own over time. Research studies have confirmed that applying moisturizer helps older infants and toddlers to reduce the chance of skin rashes and eczema and may help to shorten the period of eczema. Since skin for an older baby is less sensitive, more options are available for moms to choose from.

My favorite baby skin care brand is still Aveeno. For eczema care, I choose Aveeno eczema cream and the night cream. 


I have tried Eucerin baby eczema cream, it also worked well for my son.

For regular skincare, I still use the Aveeno natural baby soothing relief moisturizing cream on my son.

I also tried the balm and ointment types, such as Ero-organics honeybuns, Burts Bee multipurpose ointment, Aquaphor baby ointment, and some other brands. They all turn out to be okay on my son’s skin. The ointments are a bit messy and the balm is not as easy to be applied as the cream.

Skincare products may react slightly different on different babies’ skin. Moms may also have different preferences. It’s recommended to test small samples on your little one to make further decision.

Choose moisturizer for babies with respiratory asthma

Allergenic and toxic chemicals are can often be found in moisturizers. We should always choose hypoallergenic moisturizers with non-toxic ingredients, especially for babies with respiratory asthma.

Scents are from the ingredients that easily evaporate. Evaporated chemicals are a major trigger of respiratory asthma. When choosing a moisturizer for babies with asthma, any scent should be avoided, including natural essential oils or other natural scents.

Spray on moisturizer should also be avoided, as it makes a vapor that may trigger asthma. The safest moisturizer is 100% pure petroleum jelly.

Hypoallergenic and fragrance-free moisturizer is another option for babies with respiratory asthma, but moms need to carefully test the moisturizers with your little one before application.

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