Cloth diaper care – stink and stain free diapers for your baby

Cloth diaper care – stink and stain free diapers for your baby

Cloth diaper needs special care. Polyester stay-dry materials  (microfleece) may repel liquid and cause leakage and inserts may become less absorbent if not cared properly. There are lots of rumors on the web for cloth diaper care. I tried some suggestions available on the web and experienced lots of difficulties at the beginning.

I had stink diapers with following less detergent and cold water wash routine, even if I added stink-out detergent every time. With the suggestion on some sources, baking soda and vinegar may help to get rid of the stink, but this method caused roughness of the stay-dry top and leakage.  Then I tried many ways to strip the affected cloth diapers, but non-worked. I finally resolved the leakage issue and restored the performance of the diapers by rubbing dry Oxi-clean versatile to wet diapers and wash them with hot water cycles. Starting from then, I developed a diaper cleansing routine with oxi-clean which worked great. The polyester diaper inserts kept their shape and performance after 12 months of use. I have never needed to strip my diaper again.

Things need to be prepared:

Diaper Detergent

cloth diaper detergent


Gloves (optional)

diaper cleaning

Food grade bucket (always choose a safe product for baby)

Brush+a small box or a diaper mini shower for removing poops (optional)

diaper shower

Oxi-Clean Versatile


Water softener for hard water (Optional)

Calgon softener


My routine

I washed the cloth diapers every 4 days with the following cloth diaper laundry routine.

  • You may remove poop from soiled diaper by mini-shower immediately, or leave it on the diaper. I left the poops on and waited until the day of laundry to clean them up altogether.
  • Toss into a diaper pail. I put the soiled diaper to another pail.
  • Soak the diapers with a full cup of Oxi-clean in hot water for at least 1 hour. You may add more oxi-clean as needed. Covers without lining do not need to be soaked. Remove poop from soiled diaper before soak.
  • Transfer the soaked diapers into washing machine.
  • Pre-wash with hot water, and wash with heavy duty hot water cycle and detergent
  • Dry diapers in the dryer for less-dry, then lay dry.

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