about us

about us


Welcome to Baby phenomenon- a place for sharing our parenting experiences, and providing parenting advices.

We are a couple both holding Ph.D. degrees in engineering, with expertise in chemistry, pharmaceutics and cosmetics. Adding a little family member was our top goal in our first 8 years of marriage. Finally, our exciting parenting adventure started when the loveliest + sign that we’d ever seen came in front of us. We were filled with nervous, excitement and anticipation immediately.  Reading and learning about prenatal, labor and parenting became the central of our life since then. It seemed we were well prepared until my son’s birth, when parenting happened from virtual to practical.

We have to admit that parenting is one of the most difficult jobs we’ve ever had. Unique baby always creates unique situation. The same as other new parents, we turn to other parents, books and internet for advices. Our knowledge and experiences of parenting, from food and drink to consume, prenatal exercise, clothes to wear, preparation for labor, taking care of newborn, to baby development, and etc., are accumulating with the growth of our son, and this accumulation will never stop. Now we have gotten used to parenting life style - learn and think how to be parents at any time.

Although every parent has their own parenting style and their own opinion on how to raise their little one, advices from friends and other parents on the internet are still valuable for us to establish and adjust our own parenting approaches. Now we decide to share our parenting experiences to pay back to the community. We hope our posts on this website could be some help for others.

Happy parenting.



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